Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hide photos and videos

Our phones give insights into our deepest secrets. It has our contacts in addition to our personal messages. With the advent of cameras and memory cards in mobile phones, it also has our personal and intimate moments captured. This not only requires us to be more responsible for ourselves, but for all those who stay captured on our handsets. This further increases the need to ensure the photos and Bulambod lets you encrypt and decrypt files, so that only you have access videos that we have captured and stored on our mobile phones don’t fall into the wrong hands. Multimedia content is in no way different. One way of hiding these files from external access is by disabling their ability to be played by the phone’s multimedia player. The easiest way to do this is to remove the file associations by renaming the file on the memory stick. This way, although you still have your images and videos with you, any unknown anonymous person cannot view
them while you are away.
Another promising application is Bulambod. The creator claims it is an unbreakable cipher. In cryptography terminologies, a cipher is an algorithm that performs encryption and decryption operations on any given information or data. Simply put, a cipher is the code used to encode and then eventually decode the message. All you need to do is select a file that you need to encrypt, enter your password and Bulambod will do the rest. Decryption is also easy. There is no limit on the length of the password that you can use and so it is difficult to crack. 

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